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Fans Summit

The Federation was asked by Colin Stewart, via a telephone call, on Sunday (2nd April) to send two representatives to a “Summit” of all supporters’ organisations, details of which you may have seen either on social media, message boards or the local press. Dundee United were to be represented by Colin and another Associate Director David Dorward.


At time of original phone call Colin was informed that full Federation Committee would need to discuss in full before giving a reply to invitation.

Based on the limited information provided in relation to the objectives of the meeting and the total lack of an agenda as to what was to be discussed and our previous experience in relation to

· a recent meeting (16 February) we had had with Colin and David and their leaving comments that they would try and get Stephen Thompson to change his mind and meet with the Federation, no feedback on this has yet been received

· the Club cancelling a meeting between the Committee and Stephen Thompson on the basis that we would not be satisfied with the answers which would be provided to submitted questions and thus the meeting would not result in a positive outcome .

· the Supporters Liaison Group, which we left following attendance at a few meetings

· Despite previous assurances in the past year or two year from AD's and others connected to the Club that Mr Thompson would meet The Federation and even as lately as last week in the media assuring all, he was willing to strike dialogue with The Fans groups yet is not prepared to attend this fans " Summit "

· our belief that it has been some months since at least one Associate Director attended a DUFC Board meeting and in previous meetings with The Federation the AD's have been unable to answer key questions from our Members.

· we are not convinced about the neutrality of at least one of the other groups.

The Committee decided by a significant majority to decline the invitation.

We feel it is important to present the facts, as we see these, to our members as prior to making a decision this matter attracted press coverage and it is possible that more press coverage will be provided following the “Summit” taking place.

The Federation still respectfully request a meeting with Mr Thompson to discuss the continued concerns over the financial and general management of the Football Club. These concerns are the concerns of many of our Members.

We as always wish Raymond , his staff and players the very best for the remainder of the season.

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