Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs

Federation Statement Regarding Dundee Derby Friendly

Dundee FC v Dundee United FC - Monday 06 December 2010

Following a strong response from our Members, the Federation DUSC Executive wish to confirm our position in respect to the recently announced fixture.

We have been in communication with ...DUFC since we were informed of the possibility of this fixture and have been appraised of DUFC`s reasons for playing this match, which we are informed, are mainly financially motivated. We have made our feelings clearly known to DUFC namely that an overwhelming majority of our Members have no desire for this game to take place for a number of reasons:

We feel, timing wise, that it is inappropriate, for a friendly game to take place so close to the festive period with the financial outlay involved at an already trying time. Also, our team has performed well so far already this Season despite injuries to several key players and we are at odds as to why we should risk the danger of further injuries to key players, should we choose to field them in what is a higher profile than normal challenge match.

A significant number of Members have no desire to aid Dundee FC financially particularly as this is the second time in only 7 years that they find themselves in Administration.

Finally, the feedback we have received from our Members, indicates that they feel it is morally wrong for DUFC to make money out of the current situation at Dens considering the plight of individuals rendered without jobs and wages, also businesses left out of pocket as a result of the Administration process.

In Closing, and notwithstanding the above, the Federation DUSC respect the individual decision of all Arabs on whether or not they attend this match.

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