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Meeting with Stephen Thompson and David Southern

The Federation of DUSC would wish to confirm to our members that we met last night at Tannadice with Chairman , Stephen Thompson and General Manager David Southern. The meeting was the first between the parties since March this year in which time there has been core changes at both organisations.

It was acknowledged that there had been errors made by both parties , after the meeting in March, that lead to a breakdown in communications however the meeting of yesterday was viewed by both parties as a line in the sand that would allow us to move forward and work closely together in support and betterment of the only thing that matters to both parties and that is Dundee United Football Club.

Open and frank discussion was had in respect to the Clubs Financial Situation (present and future) , Steve Campbell , Clubs Relationship with the Federation for moving forward together, Hopes and aspirations for Mixu , and finally what KPI’s and monitoring is or has been put in place in respect to the bad practice that has let the Club slip into their current predicament .

Responses, in short, were as follows.

1. Financial assurance was given although it was noted our situation , should we not improve our current league position, would alter going forward but rest assured there would always be , regardless of which league we are in, a DUFC playing at Tannadice Park.

2. Steve Campbell situation could not be discussed however the 4 Federation Members in attendance pleaded for Steve to be retained as we felt his commitment to his role and delivery of quality first team footballers was vital to the future of DUFC.

3. Both parties agreed that although choppy waters had been encountered of late in our relationship , dialogue and communication was again fully open and the hope is that both parties use the open door between the Club and the Fed whenever possible.

4. Mixu will be given full support in his main focus this season which is keeping DUFC in the top tier of Scottish Football. It was noted that Mixu could and would answer questions relating to any playing matters at the Feds QnA with him on 11/11/15.

5. Policies and procedures that will produce Tangible Results and Information have and continue to be put in place to ensure errors of the past in respect to operating matters of the Football Club are significantly reduced.

The meeting closed after just over two hours of positive dialogue with a date to be agreed by both parties for the next meeting .

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