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Jerry Kerr Memorial 6 aside draw

The draw for this years Jerry Kerr Memorial 6 aside tournament which will take place on Saturday 25th June was made at the AGM on Saturday.

Ten teams have entered this year so we have decided to go with two groups of 5 with the top two from each group playing a semi final then a final.

The draw for each group is as follows:-

Group 1

Ceres Arabs
Rock Arabs 2
Tangerine Army
Arctic Arabs

Group 2

Frankie Kopel
Perth Arabs
Rock Arabs 1
Monifieth Arabs
A90 Arabs

The games will last 10 minutes each and the fixtures for each group are as follows:-

Group 1 - Pitch 1

11.15am – Ceres Arabs v Rock Arabs 2
11.30am – Arctic Arabs v Ceres Arabs
11.45am – Tangerine Army v Arctic Arabs
12.00pm – Rock Arabs 2 v Tangerine Army
12.15pm – Arctic Arabs v Rock Arabs 2

Group 1 - Pitch 2

11.15am – SAS v Tangerine Army
11.30am – Rock Arabs 2 v SAS
11.45am – Ceres Arabs v SAS
12.00pm – Ceres Arabs v Tangerine Army
12.15pm – SAS v Arctic Arabs

Group 2 - Pitch 3

11.15am – Frankie Kopel v Perth Arabs
11.30am – A90 Arabs v Frankie Kopel
11.45am – Monifieth Arabs v A90 Arabs
12.00pm – Perth Arabs v Monifieth Arabs
12.15pm – A90 Arabs v Perth Arabs

Group 2 - Pitch 4

11.15am – Rock Arabs 1 v Monifieth Arabs
11.30am – Perth Arabs v Rock Arabs 1
11.45am – Frankie Kopel v Rock Arabs 1
12.00pm – Frankie Kopel v Monifieth Arabs
12.15pm – Rock Arabs 1 v A90 Arabs

Semi Finals

12.30 – Winner of group 1 v Runner up of group 2
12.30 – Winner of group 2 v Runner up of group 1


12.45 – Winner of Semi 1 v Winner of Semi 2

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